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Our all-natural & organic treatments will strengthen your skin's natural, healthy glow and get rid of dark spots in a safe, clean and natural manner.
  • The power of black cumin seed oil: Cleans toxins from the body & strengthens your vision, hair and nails. It is both organic and cold-pressed to ensure that you're getting the highest standard of oils to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

  • Our custom medicated face oil treats acne by cleaning out the pores and replacing the bacteria-filled oils of your skin with healthy protecting agents.

  • Our signature Silky Soft Day Cream is made with an all-natural, vegan base, which is then combined with a blend of organic essential oils, in the Ayurvedic tradition. It both hydrates and protects the skin, while remaining light to the touch.

  • Our all-natural, chemical-free sunscreen provides strong protection from the sun's harmful rays without any agents that may cause long-term skin issues like melanoma.

  • Our virgin organic cocoa butter is delivered in wafers! No more need to fight with a tub full of hard cocoa butter, just take a piece for what you want to use, hold it in your hands to melt it and enjoy the smooth, creamy sensation to soften your hair and skin.

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