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Our all-natural treatments can help restore hair, increase the rate of hair growth and ensure that existing hair is both healthy and protected.
  • Our energizing shampoo is made to order for each client. The blend of all natural, vegan ingredients and essential oils is gentle on the scalp, while still cleansing it and allowing for proper, healthy hair growth. It ensures that your scalp is clean and healthy which in turn leads to a full shiny head of hair.

  • Our hair growth formula is an Ayurvedic treatment that is comprised of 11 different essential oils. It works by stimulating the roots and hair follicles. The all-natural formula contains no chemicals or preservatives and is even safe to use in damaged or colored hair. This makes sure that your existing hair remains healthy and provides optimal conditions...

  • Our hair tonic is meant to be used as part of a system with our Energizing Shampoo. It balances the pH of the hair and scalp after shampooing to ensure you have a healthy and vibrant head of hair. Spray it into your roots to keep the scalp's acidity balanced. This will ensure that your roots stay healthy, which allows for proper hair growth as well as...

  • The rosemary hair oil is meant to insulate the roots and provide the increased circulation benefits to the scalp, in a manner that is safe for daily use.

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